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Solve Hard
Optimization Problems

A tool that will provide your business with a competitive advantage by setting you one step ahead. Allowing you to maximize the potential of Advanced Classical Computing and Quantum Technology.



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Why iQ-Xtreme?

Optimization problems cut across almost any industry, and regular optimizers become sub-optimal or time consuming for practical use cases.

For whom is iQ-Xtreme?

Our unique hardware-agnostic approach enables operations researchers, data scientists, and developers to harness the power of advanced computing resources and novel algorithms without the need to learn the intricacies of each individual hardware platform or to manage complex and expensive computing infrastructure. 

Why Quantum-Inspired?

While quantum computers still have a long way to go before they’re ready for prime time there is a true need to tackle niche problems within selected industries. Blending the old with the new may be the way to go. While one can obtain advantage now, its enterprise is getting ready for the quantum revolution.

The benefits of iQ-Xtreme


Scalable, high-performance cloud-based solution for your computing needs.

Obviates the necessity for managing your data center's complicated and pricey computing architecture.


Easily accesible, fast to onboard within your enterprise at any point of development.

Thorough documentation, and interactive notebooks make it simple to get started and move quickly toward more complex applications.


A world-class team of optimization specialists with in-depth understanding of classical and quantum computers

As new and powerful algorithms are extensively benchmarked by our research team and validated using real-world challenges from our customers, it is simple to incorporate them thanks to a modular and extensible design.


Integration with specialized hardware accelerators without a hitch.

Removes the need to commit to a specific hardware technology in the fast changing post-law Moore's hardware landscape, future-proofing your firm and putting it in position for the quantum computing revolution.

Applicable Uses

Learn about the potential applications of quantum computing with us.


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Diversification and Hedging

Supply Chain


Transportation and Routing



Customer Analytics

We believe your firm deserves continuous technological innovation. Allowing you to focus on your business value.

The iQ-Xtreme Overview.

iQ-Xtreme is a platform of APIs for solving hard mathematical optimization problems, especially oriented to highly non-convex combinatorial optimization. Non-linear combinatorial optimization is generally a NP-hard problem, also known for being a near-term application of quantum computing. With iQ-Xtreme, the user can solve not only Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) problems, but other mathematical encodings that are more efficient for practical use cases compared to QUBO formulations. Solving a particular business use case with iQ-Xtreme requires proper mathematical modeling, for which we can also accompany you in your quantum-ready journey.

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Business Case Examples


Supply Chain

Data Analysis

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