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Solutions for real world problems.

What is Inspiration-Q

Inspiration-Q helps forward-looking and innovative companies or organizations by delivering new solutions with competitive advantage in optimization, simulation and machine learning based on quantum algorithms that work both in quantum as well as in ordinary computers.

We make sure you are not only ready for the quantum future, but that your company enjoys quantum advantage now.

What we do

In designing quantum algorithms for quantum computers, we learn about what makes those algorithms work and provide computational advantages. We transform this knowledge into quantum inspired solutions that run in ordinary computers with high-performance and cost-saving benefits.

Machine learning

Memory-efficient machine learning models with state-of-the-art performance. 


Accelerate and scale up complex optimization tasks in any industry with our quantum-inspired algorithms.


Exponential savings in memory and time for risk analysis, pricing, and engineering problems.

Why Quantum Inspired

Quantum computing will be a revolutionary technology, but current hardware is still immature to provide any business value.

Working with us you get the best of both worlds: quantum algorithms for the quantum computers of the now and the future, and quantum inspired solutions that provide immediate benefit in many real-life production scenarios. Join us to enjoy a competitive advantage today.

Computational advantage

Exponential savings in memory and time.

Short-term return

Solutions for real-world problems.


Save resources with our solutions.

A bridge to the quantum future

Agile adoption of future quantum hardware.

Our Top Clients

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