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Quantum Computing for the Now

Focus on gaining quantum-inspired advantages now with our exclusive algorithms and remove the burden of a complex quantum hardware landscape. Get quantum ready accompanied by an excelent team of experts.

Examples of Business Case Studies:

Diversification & Hedging

Finding well diversified/hedged sets of investments among thousands of instruments for extremly risk averse investors.

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Route Optimization

Finding the shortest possible route that visits a set of locations exactly once.

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Portfolio Selection

Fast calculation of efficient frontier for a universe of thousands of assets.

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Why Quantum Inspired?

Quantum computing will be revolutionary, but companies getting quantum-ready lack short-terms gains due to a still young hardware.

Quantum Inspired gets the best out of classical and quantum.

Computational Advantage

Exponential savings in memory and time, allowing you to focus on getting value for your business.

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Short-term Return

Giving solutions to real-world problems.

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Become Quantum Ready

Continuos innovation for future adoption of quantum hardware.

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What is Inspiration-Q?

Inspiration-Q helps its clients by delivering solutions with competitive advantage in optimization, simulation and machine learning based on quantum algorithms that work both in quantum as well as in ordinary computers.


Our team is comprised of highly experienced researchers in the field of quantum technologies.

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We believe your firm deserves continuos technological innovation. Allowing you and your colleagues to focus on what matters.

Learn with us now.

Our passion is delivering simple tools which unlock transformative opportunities for our clients.

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Select a business case study:

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We constantly post content related to the Quantum computing industry, news and what's new in the space.

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We know what works.

We know what works and what doesn't. The factors that make Quantum algorithms effective are very much selected and curated for our clients.

How can we improve your business and become quantum ready?

Step 1:

Quantum Briefing

We offer a free briefing session where we will discuss the intersection between your enterprise and our latest quantum solutions.

Step 2: Two Options

Proof-of-concept or Specialization

After a thorough understanding of the Opportunity seen we run a proof of concept or specialization within our selection of algorithms.

Step 3:

API handout

After the final adjustments to the production-ready code of the chosen algorithm, we provide our partners an API endpoint that interacts with their current application.

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