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The Technology


Inspiration-Q's team identify high-value problems that can be better solved with advanced hardware. We leverage quantum chips as coprocessors to offload calculations poorly suited to classical hardware. Our software solutions deliver best-in-class results using the optimal mix of classical and quantum solvers.

We deliver solutions as it follows:


Quantum Opportunity Assessment

At Inspiration-Q we belief that Quantum Solutions have their own dedicated space within every industry. Such space needs to be assessed, evaluated and tested before application. We take care of it from A-Z, understanding and immplementing according to your Industry.


Proof-of-concept Prototype

After thorough understanding of the Opportunity seen within the industry we develop a proof of concept prototype to test and run within made-up case studies in order to gather feedback and optimize. This step is crucial as it provides indepth insights of how the Quantum Solution would work.


Quantum Inspired API

The verified algorithms from our proof of concept are turned into production-ready code that runs on our hardware-independent platform. To achieve improved results, we give our partners with an API endpoint that interacts with their current application. Allowing them to benefit from developments in hardware without having to rework their applications.

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Final Solution

After the implementation and development of all three steps, Inspiration-Q also offers the option to build a full infrastructure to suit your business needs.


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