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The Mission

To deliver quantum-inspired advantages now, lowering barriers to entry quantum computing.

We are a team of leading quantum scientists and business experts, with ample experience in the design and simulation of quantum hardware and quantum algorithms.


We believe in democratizing the benefits of this amazing technology, and the best road to accomplish that goal is by adopting a quantum-inspired approach.

Our Values

We believe in facilitating access to the benefits of quantum computing to everyone.

Research and Innovation are part of our DNA as our greatest value generators and the keys for the progress of society.


We also believe in building a sustainable future, in which quantum computing will become an indispensable tool to succeed in that fight. Hard work and out-of-the-box thinking are our greatest assets, and we use quantum-inspired solutions as a change of paradigm to tackle complex problems.

The Team

Diego Porras Torre

Researcher at IFF-CSIC. More than 20 years of experience in the design of quantum hardware for quantum computing and quantum simulation, the study of complex quantum systems and the development of classical and quantum algorithms. Experience in the design of quantum algorithms for optimization and quantum inspired methods.

Samuel Fernández Lorenzo

CEO of Inspiration-Q, Ex-research lead scientist and consultant working for BBVA (New Digital Business), where he led practical research on quantum computing applications to finance. PhD on Quantum Optics and Complex Quantum Systems.

Juan José García Ripoll

Researcher at IFF-CSIC. Coordinates the Platform on Quantum Technology and the Spanish Network on Quantum Information and Quantum Technology. Long standing experience in the design of quantum computers and in classical algorithms for simulating large and complex quantum systems. Experience in the development of quantum inspired algorithms for simulation.

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